Asset management

In business, assets are like logistics in war.
protected assets
are key to a successful offensive

why is

asset management important?


Protection of assets from attack by competitors, hostile mergers and acquisitions, unlawful claims by regulatory authorities


Forming competitive and secure asset holding structures


Providing business funding on favorable terms (e.g. receiving a loan in the west)


Guarantee of asset holding confidentiality


Tax payment optimization

our services:

Project administration (full financial support, including security and collateral functions, activities on granting loans, extra financing, and overdrafts)

Structuring of asset holding and management, business activity (including for the purposes of lowering tax risks as far possible within tax legislation)

Trust services, foundation of trust and other fiduciary structures for the effective capital holding and management; drafting solutions on escrow

Trust management in the area of foreign trade deals, trading and procurement, manufacturing and developer’s projects, operations on capital increase

Registration of companies and corporate structures abroad for specific goals

Accounting, auditing, and consulting services concerning international taxation

Other services regarding taxation of business entities and individuals

Investments in real estate, companies, and projects


numbers and facts:


interviews on asset management issues were held by Gradient Alpha experts with Russian and international media last year


consultations regarding asset management were provided by Gradient Alpha experts last year


billion roubles – total assets managed by Gradient Alpha


Leading business communities and large companies trust us: in 2012 Working Group on Tax Risk Management of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation was founded under the auspices of Gradient Alpha

Solid experience: we permanently assess internal needs of a company and clients, that is why we can define the value of almost any property for you. Quickly, in a qualitative manner, and at a reasonable price

General jurisdiction companies (but not offshore) participate in structures of property ownership and management


When it comes to asset protection we pay special attention to tax risk management


stories from our practical experience

additional services:

Share in a joint venture

Trust management services

Opening of bank accounts and their management

Wealth management and estate planning

Services of deoffshorization and capital amnesty

Advice on venture investments

Asset management


Asset management