Even if you considered every last detail,
pre-trial settlement is cheaper than the trial itself.
This is what .
mediation is for

why is

mediation important?


Mediation entails resolving disputes between business entities peacefully and without legal proceedings.


It helps to find win-win solution made with the help of an impartial third party – a mediator.


The client saves time, money, which are inevitably lost in case of litigation or non-interference in the situation.

our services:


Commercial mediation to manage conflicts between business entities, and also between organizations and public authorities, implied by civil-law relations


Regulation of relations between the customer and other project participants (contractors, providers and other)

Positioning as socially conscious and reasonable company

Improvement of relationships between the conflicting parties

Amicable settlement

Subscription or temporary mediation assistance of a client aimed at preventing and friendly settlement of internal and labor conflicts


Mediation between top-managers or among staff

Regulation of relations between owners and staff

Between managers and other employees

Between owners and senior management

numbers and facts:


years Judicial settlements on issues, which can be resolved within 2-3 months by mediators, may last up to 1.5 years.


cases and claims have been considered by the Moscow Arbitration Court judges per month in the first half of 2016.


% of mediation procedures provided by Gradient Alpha proved to be successful. 8% of other participants came to full or partial settlement within a short time period after the mediation procedure.


We hire only certified and professional mediators, who have experience of settling many commercial disputes via mediation.

We focus on the crucial issues and do not get distracted by trivia: we specialize in mediation between corporate clients, mediation assistance for large commercial projects, and internal disputes settlements.

stories from our practical experience

additional services


Subscription assistance by a mediator or a group of mediators of large projects aimed at amicable settlement of possible conflicts:

Between the customer and entities, whose interests are being prejudiced or might be prejudiced throughout the project (e.g. with local people);

Between the customer and other project parties (contractors, providers etc).

Participation of a mediator/mediators in negotiations in the development stage, analysis of possible conflict situations, and drafting preparing ways to reach settlement.

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