Press service outsourcing

A personal press service is convenient.
Spending half as much on a press service and
getting the same results is even
more convenient.

what does

press service outsourcing give?


Promotion in the media: mentioning (citation) of our clients in targeted federal business and trade media (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)


Positioning of your company as a competent and recognized expert in your professional field


Building the external relations to deliver specific information to a target audience by means of the media

our services

Creating a specific media pool for each client;

Initiating from 7 to 11 requests from journalists per month to provide comments, interviews, and publication of these materials in the media;

The preparation and distribution of 1 to 3 press releases, if there are news-worthy subjects;

Monitoring and analysis of our client’s media coverage;

Positioning of your company as a competent and recognized expert in your professional field;

Forming a loyal media pool, regularly covering client’s activities;

Building the system of external relations, which allows to deliver specific information to the targeted audience by means of the media.


numbers and facts:


publications mentioning Gradient Alpha in the media and online were released last year. We’ve made ourselves recognizable, and we will make you recognizable too.


events with involving journalists have been held by Gradient Alpha over the course of its practical experience. We organized them for us, and we can prepare them for you!


journalists visited Gradient Alpha events last year. We invited them to meet with us, and will invite them to meet with you too.


Over several decades we’ve been building relations with the leading media. Today we have 636 loyal journalists out of 175 best editions in our pool

Press service outsourcing is more profitable than an in-house press officer, not to speak of maintaining the whole department

Our rates are more competitive than those of PR agencies, as PR is not our core product


stories from our practical experiences

additional services

Media monitoring in accordance with specified criteria, gathering set of facts necessary for preparation of comments or article

Copywriting and speechwriting, preparation of in-house publications, site content, etc

Organization of turnkey events for the media, invitation of journalists to the events

Organization of turnkey events for other audiences: clients, business partners, at the customer’s premises or offsite

Other services our client might require – nothing is impossible for us!

Organization of photoshoots and recording

Advice on working with the media and/or public speeches

Carrying out marketing research


of outsourcing department press-service

цветковVitaly TsvetkovHead of Information
and Analytical Department

Specializes in analytics, copywriting, speechwriting, PR, GR and lobbying, work with media, organization of events.
         In 2006 at the age of 18 Vitaly became the youngest member of the Russian Union of Journalists.
         Has worked in journalism and political PR till 2011.

Tatyana Aboturovaspecialist
on working with the media

Has specialised since 2006 while still studying at university.
         Rose from working as the assistant of a PR-manager to the head of projects at the PR-agency.
         Specializes in relations with the media and the organization of PR events.
         Joined the Gradient Alpha team in 2014.

Shetilenko MarinaPress secretary
Gradient Alpha

Joined the Gradient Alpha team in 2002.
         Develops PR strategy; drafts the PR budget and control of its implementation.
         Has organized the holding of events on a turn-key basis (for mass media, conferences, exhibitions, sponsorship, charitable, corporate). Interaction with the media.
         Works on the preparation and promotion of press and post releases.

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Press service outsourcing



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