In 2000 Gradient Alpha started its first charity activities, which have become part and parcel of our corporate life. Regardless of economic conditions Gradient Alpha helps disabled people, gifted children, orphanages, and orthodox shrines.

Our managers and employees help those in need beyond the bounds of corporate charity, as private individuals. We may find out about such cases after some time, often accidentally.

We know and love the history and traditions of Russian merchants and philanthropists who donate at least one tenth of their earnings to charity.


Pavel Gagarin, Gradient Alpha Director becomes a member of Rossika Charity Club, whose activities are aimed at supporting of orphanages and hospitals.

We held charity musical concerts for the scholars and take part in organizing of the international festivals of the international charity foundation is named in honour of Vladimir Spivakov, and the Culture and Leisure Center.

We supported the Dress for Cinderella program, where girls from socially disadvantaged families may borrow a wedding dress for free from the program’s charity salons.

We provided our support to the reception center of the Moscow Main Interior Department in Otradnoe district by giving Christmas presents, concerts, and shoes.

We supported young mountain skier Marina Davydenko

We supported young Moscow chess-player Daniil Dubov.

We began supporting the Shuiskiy orphanage which cares for children with disabilities.

We organized works on the improvement of the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery, the construction of the wooden chapel and the bridge across the River Syamzhena in the Vologda region.

We supported the Second Moscow Para Musical Festival and competitions in formation skydiving. In the course of one of the competitions, a new national record was set with a jump formation of 180 parachutists.

We helped the Spaso-Kamennyy Monastery an ancient Russian residence dating back to the 13th century and located in in the Vologda region. Also, we supported the all-Russian sky diving competition with a precision canopy.

We supported the Composer of the 21st Century, an international contemporary music competition which took place in Moscow.

We provided our support to the Medvezhata “bear cubs” ecological school at the Toropetskaya biological station Chistyy Les, meaning clean forest, in the Tver region.

We made financial contributions to children’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and to sites in Palestine and Jordan. We helped open a new charity foundation called Podarok Angelu which means gift for for an angel.

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Руководитель «Градиент Альфа» Павел Гагарин получает медаль от патриарха Московского и всея Руси Кирилла – за многолетнюю благотворительную деятельность и поддержку международного детского конкурса «Красота Божьего мира»

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При поддержке “Градиент Альфа” в Кремле проходит грандиозный благотворительный спектакль-концерт. В мероприятии , организованном фондом “Мы все из одной глины”, сыграли более 300 артистов – профессионалов и любителей.

Our results:


Сhildren’s days were made


We received 86 thank-you notes from the children we support in the orphanages


We sent 1.2 million roubles to the Shuiskiy orphanage each year


We donate 10% of our earnings to charity


15 years of charity activities


30 organized charity events and actions


Stories from Gradient Alpha charity activity

“One of the most touching presents I’ve ever received were the biscuits baked by a three-year-old boy, Daniil Karpenko, one of the children at the Downside Up Foundation which supports children with Down’s syndrome” – Pavel Gagarin recalls a New Year’s gift. “I forgot, that eight months before I had bought a painting at the charity auction with the money from its sale going to the foundation. But they didn’t forget. The priceless gift which were still warm with from the child’s hands takes pride of place in my study”.

During the Great Patriotic War, British Arctic sea convoy veterans Ernest Davis, William Bannerman and Seymour Taylor delivered strategically important cargo and provisions as part of the Lend-Lease Act from the UK and the USA to the USSR. In the 70th anniversary year of the Great Victory, the veterans were able to visit Russia again due to support from Gradient Alpha.


The largest Gradient Alpha project in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and sport to date was the sponsorship of the Russian Record 2010 – a competition in formation skydiving, in the course of which a new national record was set – a figure of 180 skydivers simultaneously holding hands in the air.


In 2004 Gradient Alpha supported the charity program called Dress for Cinderella through the opening of salons in Moscow. The program runs salons provide wedding dresses to girls from socially disadvantaged families for free.




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