Аccounting outsourcing

How much can you
on accounting monthly?

why is

accounting outsourcing important?


Accounting outsourcing gives continued readiness for tax inspections, and the confidence that accounting is conducted without violation.


It allows to reduce tax by 40% and more due to lawful tax optimization.


Using accounting outsourcing may help to reduce costs on bookkeeping by half.

our services:

Drafting an accounting policy specifically for your business

Records recovery

Bookkeeping and tax reporting set-up

Preparation of a full set of bookkeeping and tax reporting to the regulatory authorities and its protection

Tax planning with the use of different taxation and incentive regimes established in accordance with legislation

Advisory services in the field of bookkeeping and tax reporting


numbers and facts:


mln rubles (about $20 000) on average is saved by the companies annually due to accounting and tax report outsourcing to Gradient Alpha company


accountants have been interviewed by Gradient Alpha specialists in 21 years, so that we could put a team of real professionals together


% according to estimates, made by recruitment agencies, specialists of audit and consulting companies are 30% more experienced than an average specialist from the accounting services market


Our highly- qualified accountants

We offer on-line consultations, attract a wide range of full-time specialists (auditors, lawyers), if necessary

We keep an eye on legislative changes concerning bookkeeping and tax reporting in a timely manner

We take part in tax inspections

We keep the record in accordance with the norms of current legislation


Roman Mayachkin General Manager
Absolut Engineering, Nizhniy Novgorod

“We have been contracting out accounting services for 5 years already. The main advantage is that we pay money and don’t delve into accounting reports. Outsourcers solve all problems on their own, and we get the result of their work. This way of cooperation saves considerable financial resources as we don’t have to spend it on maintenance of our own accountant department”.

logo_soldis-e1472558618105Artur Blanс Managing Director
of a French food manufacturer Representative office in Moscow

“We have been cooperating with Gradient Alpha since 2007, when it provided full support to our parent company in the process of its entry to the Russian market: from registration of our representative office to maintaining our accounting records and tax risk management. We are satisfied with this positive experience, which allowed us to get a foot in the door in Russia and brought about a great lot of opportunities we managed to implement”.

truboprovod-Logo-e1472558708764Surgucheva Yelena Chief Accountant
ООО Ridus LLC, Samara

“Our management downsized personnel as much as it was possible, so that only my colleague and I were left in the accountant department. We found the way out in outsourcing of separate parts of accountant and tax departments to Gradient Alpha. Without full-fledged workforce I have strong support of essential number of experts from a large audit and consulting company”.

additional services

We check up on work of previous accountants, identify errors, financial and tax risks. We restore records, if necessary

We guarantee business secrecy, accuracy, and timeliness of tax payments and filing reports to regulatory authorities

We provide legitimate tax optimization as a bonus in case you order subscriber-based service

We propose and introduce specific methods of tax risk mitigation

Аccounting outsourcing


Аccounting outsourcing



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