Financial consulting

Some businessmen just control expenses,
while others properly
allocate financial flows

why is

financial consulting important?


It gives you the opportunity to find the source of your losses and growth points, which will generate financial flows in the future.


Financial consulting enhances the value of your company and to organize pre-sale preparation.


It helps to make the company or project attractive for investors, banks or development institutions, and, consequently, raise funding on favorable terms.



It allows the current management system to build new business opportunities.


our services:

Financial recovery, working capital management

Consulting assistance with organizational adjustment

Rearrangement/foundation of an organization, financial structure, and enterprise accounting model

Optimization of costs and business processes, efficiency enhancement

Other consultations on financial and management objectives

Development and automation of financial accounting systems

Due diligence

Management discussion and analysis

Business planning and investment analysis

numbers and facts:


efficiency increases and costs decrease by 18% on average after introducing measures drafted by Gradient Alpha financial experts


% reduction in expenses after the application and automation of management accounting and internal audit systems


out of 10 companies and projects are successful in attracting investments with the business plans and investment expertise provided by Gradient Alpha


We assist in solving unusual and complex problems and tasks that require an integrated approach and the participation of different subject matter experts

A deep dive into the characteristics of your business, long-term thinking, from an external perspective allows us to find solutions which might not be evident at first sight

For each service listed above we provide free consultations within existing contracts


Stories from our practical experience


Financial consulting

Larisa RasskazovaQuality and Methodology

Advisor on the development and introduction of management control systems and of the company’s budget management.
        Experienced in the practical and consulting work in the sphere of financial and management control, financial and investment management.

Anna ShatalovaAccounting Department

Joined Gradient Alpha in 2001 as an Accountant and became Strategic Development Manager in 2016.
        Manages projects in the field of accounting and tax support, asset management, and consulting to improve operational efficiency and optimize costs.

Alevtina KondratievaProject Analysis
Department Manager

Joined Gradient Alpha in 2001.
        Involved in projects on tax support, cost optimization, efficiency enhancement, reorganization of business, and foreign economic activity.

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Financial consulting



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