Foreign business support

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

what is

foreign business support?


The opportunity to concentrate on your business by delegating all the peculiarities of doing business in Russia to us


The protection of your business in Russia from hostile mergers and acquisitions, unlawful complaints from regulatory authorities, tax, legal, reputational and other risks


The confidence that your business in Russia is run in accordance within local laws and practices

Our services:

Accreditation of foreign establishments and affiliated companies in Russia, dealing with the registration and regulatory authorities

Company management services

All-in-one support of financial activity of an enterprise: record-keeping, legal, human resources, and financial services

Investment analysis, business planning, financial forecasting and consulting

Consulting in the process of selecting a financial structure

Financial participation as a co-investor in client projects

Harmonisation of financial statements with IFRS and GAAP international standards

Assistance with M&A transactions, searching for buyers and projects to invest in


numbers and facts:


Russia ranks 6th in the World GDP Rankings


GDP per capita has grown 3 times within the last 15 years


The Russian economy will reach a value of 4 trillion dollars by 2019


The Russian middle class has grown 3 times within the last 5 years


The average monthly salary has grown 9 times within the last 15 years


Gold and forex reserves in Russia have increased 30 times within the last 15 years


The way we work:

We often enter investment projects together with our clients as a co-investor. This allows not only to reduce the volume of investments, but also to share the risks

Individual approach: 97% of implemented projects are unique and drafted according to a certain customer requirements

We provide free consulting on how to build relationships with the state, local and regulatory authorities in Russia when you order “All-in-one foreign business support in Russia” service


foreign business support

Pavel Gagarin Chairman of the Board

Expert in the sphere of taxation, financial risk management, fund raising, and banking operations.
       Chairman of Expert Council of the Moscow City Duma Committee for Legislation, Regulations, and Procedures.
       Head of the Working Group on Tax Risk Management of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, member of the Committee for Investment Policy of the RF CCI.
       A member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Committee on Tax Policy, and Commission on the Building Complex.
       Chairman of the branch of Delovaya Rossiya Business Association auditing activities.

Larisa Semenyuk Quality and Methodology

Company advisor on development and implementation of management control system and budget management.
        Has profound experience of practical and consulting work in the areas of financial and management control, financial and investment management.

Irina Goryacheva

Head of Client Relations

Has extensive experience in the areas of accounting, taxation and audit since 1986.
        Joined Gradient Alpha in 2000 and worked as an Accountant and Leading Auditor until 2014.
        In 2014 became a Head of Client Relations Department. Leads and participates in projects on tax support of businesses, reorganization of legal entities, de-offshorization and foreign business support in Russia.


When in Rome,
do as the Romans do



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