of foreign economic activity

Entrust your export-import operations to us and focus on the core areas of
your business

why is

outsourcing of foreign economic activity important?


It gives you the opportunity to use an entire department of professionals in the field of foreign economic activity for your business purposes without the need to put them on payroll.


It allows you to disengage yourself and entrust us with all the risks and obligations concerning export-import operations between you and your contractors or partners.


You will save time and free up your work force to concentrate on the core business areas.

why choose us?

Specialists in a range of fields including foreign economic activity, logistics, customs affairs, customs legislation, international finance, and law will work on your project. It would cost you a minimum of 100,000 roubles (about US$1700) to put each professional on payroll. Outsourcing is considerably cheaper

Wealth of experience. Gradient Alpha’s Logistics Department provides outsourcing of foreign economic activity services, has been operational since the early 2000s


numbers and facts:


– the number of VAT refund final refusals in Russia increased by 37.7% in 2016. The same index among Gradient Alpha Logistika’s clients decreased by 22.4%!


Russian importers and exporters spend at least 78 hours on paperwork, while OECD countries spend no more than 5 hours


Gradient Alpha Logistika specialists have been working for 11 years on the transport service market


Russia ranks 170th of 189 countries according to an international trade indicator in the Doing Business rating in 2016

5 000

documents are prepared for the unloading of a single ship


of foreign enterprises use outsourcing of foreign trade activity services

additional services

We understand the specifics of your industry: we work with trading companies, selling imported goods and/or using imported raw materials in manufacturing, and with exporters

We guarantee total transparency and legal compliance of all foreign trade operations and customs procedures

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity



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