Legal Consulting

A group of expert lawyers with different areas
of expertise all for the price of one –
isn’t this an ideal proposal?

what does

legal support give?


Legal adjustment to the strategic goals and specific targets of your business (attraction of investments, mergers and acquisitions, debt collection, bankruptcy, etc.)


Non-admittance of avoiding debts by means of bankruptcy; bringing beneficiary owners to subsidiary responsibility in cases of bankruptcy


You will receive expert advice concerning current issues in the process of work with our lawyers, mediators, auditors, and other specialists


Protection of your assets from seizure, unlawful legal and tax claims


Reimbursement of debts in the course of a judicial procedure or through the pre-trial process


Recovery of assets lost in the process of bankruptcy

our services:

Legal protection from asset seizure

Debt collection

Tax claim support

Pre-action work, mediation

Legal representation, enforcement proceedings

Support of patent and trade mark registration process

Legal protection from asset seizure

Support during mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, and financial restructuring

Complex legal support of client’s business, legal services

Due diligence, drafting of contracts, shareholder agreements, corporate and foundation documents

Conducting security issue procedure, preparation of necessary documents and claims

Representation and protection of client’s interests in corporate disputes, legal support during business meetings and negotiations

numbers and facts:


the number of court hearings, where Gradient Alpha lawyers represented their clients


tax disputes resolved by Gradient Alpha specialists on legal risk management in favor of our clients


% of corporate disputes resolved by our experts through pre-trial process and within the mediation procedure


bankruptcy processes escorted by Gradient Alpha experts


% of law suits won by our lawyers


mergers and acquisitions successfully accompanied by our experts


Legislators trust us: in 2005 on the basis of ACG Gradient Alpha, Expert Council of the Moscow City Duma Committee for Legislation was founded

Since 2012 our company representatives have become members of Expert Councils of the three Moscow City Duma Committees: on Economic Policy, Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship; on Financial Market; and on Budget and Taxes

The full range of services, professionalism and experience of our specialists allow us to help you solve a broad range of legal problems


stories from our practical experience


in the field of law

Tatiana Geraskina Lead Counsel

9 years’ experience in the legal support of foreign activities of Russian enterprises, offshore and onshore foreign companies’ activities, including tax issues settlement with foreign tax authorities.
        Author of a seminar of the Gradient Alpha training center: “Novelties of legislation on Limited Liability Companies”

Irina Kobzeva Lead Counsel

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Law. Irina has 17 years’ experience in the field, nine of which she has dedicated to Gradient Alpha.
        She has much experience in bankruptcy process support, trade mark registration, claim work, representation in arbitrary and general courts. Conducts Due Diligence, reveals tax risks, works with corporate documents, provides full legal support to the companies.
        Career development courses – Tax Consulting program in the Ministry of Taxes and Assessments of the Russian Federation.

Svetlana Kuzmenko Lead Lawyer of the Accounting Department

Graduate of the Russian Law Academy and Russian Customs Academy.
        Held career development courses on tax consulting and shipping arrangement of motor transportation in Russia and abroad at the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering and the International Road Transport Union Academy.
        Specializes in the sphere of legal consulting of transport enterprises and foreign economic activity.

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Legal Consulting



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